Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The glory hole

Hello everyone
I want to tell an adventure that happened to me a few days ago in a club in germany.
In the evening after spending a day of intense work with a German company that I have a working relationship, I went to visit a red light district to look a bit 'about sex.
I am bisexual so I had put limits on what I did ... it depended on what I found exciting.
I would go too well fuck a bitch in some brothel or sex in some gay cinema or anything that would have excited me at the moment.
I visited several sex shops with video booths are joined in a couple of small film walked in the midst of several prostitutes who invited me to follow them in their apartments ... etc.
Finally I joined a club to be honest I did not understand what it was.
Inside I found a sex shop well stocked primarily gay video booths and several corridors with dark room at a local charge sauna and a small bar where different angles apart.
Nothing that I had already seen ... but the atmosphere and the clientele was very, very exciting, the atmosphere was very clean unlike other similar clubs.
At one point I notice a particularly crowded corner of boys leaning against the wall
I approach the situation ... and I understand they were all leaning against a car ready to island so that it can go around the four walls.
The walls had holes and several people had supported all his cock inside the hole
This meant that the person who was inside the cabin was surrounded by several cocks.
It was not easy to find the courage to enter into this car ... because I did not know if I would be able to meet all these people with the cock inside the hole.
As usual I did a couple of double whiskey to find the courage.
At one point when I felt the load on the right spot and I saw that the cabin was empty at the moment and people leaning against the wall were nearly all gone I went and I stripped.
Within minutes I saw the holes out 6-7 cocks of different sizes and different colors all beautiful and willing straight.
I started work spompinaggio jumping from one prick to taste them all ... never had so many cocks all around me ... an 'incredible excitement. Being able to switch from a huge dick to a smaller one, from a black to a circumcised, feel the different flavors and different smells.
I like a sucking
I got the bitch in the mouth cum shots on her face on his chest hair.
At one point I decided to leave to make room for someone else that maybe was waiting.
I left with my jaw hurt and cum shots everywhere
After I recovered a little I decided it was time to satisfy my ass and then I went into a dark room completely naked and I started a sheep so that my ass was available that would benefit from it.
I have been repeatedly fucked like an animal my ass was stretched as never before, and dripping in cum because everyone started Goldoni.
When I left the club I was exhausted but happy as a real bitch.

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